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Smart Repeater II: Long Range Indoor Repeater HW2R1+HD9DP [HW2R1HD9DP]

$149.99 $139.99

Smart Repeater II: Long Range Indoor Repeater HW2R1+HD9DP

Hi-Gain Wireless-N Dual Radio Smart Repeater With 9dBi Directional Indoor Antenna [HW2R1+HD9DP]

Boost your WiFi range with the HW2R1 w/ HD9DP antenna. Just remove the center antenna (receiving antenna) on the HW2R1 and connect the HD9DP and aim the antenna towards your WiFi source to get the best possible range. The 9dBi INDOOR antenna provides a substantial boost to the base 2dBi antenna the HW2R1 comes with.

The Hi-Gain™ Wireless-N Dual Radio Smart Repeater is an advanced Wi-Fi connectivity solution that receives the signal of any 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi network and rebroadcasts it locally within your home or office. The HW2R1 is the flagship product for Hawking’s award-winning line of Hi-Gain Wi-Fi Range Extending products. Using two isolated Wi-Fi radios, the HW2R1 connects to your desired wireless Internet connection, such as a local Wi-Fi hot spot, neighborhood wireless network or office network and repeats the signal via a dedicated 300Mbps 802.11n Wi-Fi radio locally. With 3 upgradable Hi-Gain 3dbi omni-directional antennas (1 dedicated for receiving wireless signals and 2 dedicated for rebroadcasting wireless signals within your home or office) the HW2R1 can be outfitted with Hawking Hi-Gain antennas to boost the connection range with outside wireless networks as well as locally within your home or office. The HW2R1 is ideal for Wi-Fi connections to marine docks, RV parks, adjacent offices and homes with Wi-Fi networks or any other source for wireless internet connection. In addition, the HW2R1 provides security and functionality via a full featured firewall and router. The versatility of the Hi-Gain Smart Repeater makes it the perfect solution for any wireless application.

HD9DP Hi-Gain Dual-Band Indoor Wireless AC Directional WiFi Antenna Kit
Long Range Wireless Coverage, Increase the Strength of Dual-Band Wi-Fi Devices up to 350%

The HD9DP Hi-Gain Dual-Band 9dBi Directional WiFi Antenna Kit is an antenna for extending the range of your 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac WiFi devices. The HD9DP Indoor Wireless AC Directional WiFi Antenna increases the wireless strength from a standard 2dBi (decibels) to a staggering 9dBi, resulting in up to 350% increase in the wireless coverage and strength.*

*The distance may vary in different operating environment.


  • Connect and Repeat any 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Network
  • Provide Wireless Internet Access to hard to Reach Locations
  • Eliminate Wireless Dead Spots within your Home or Office
  • Upgradable Dedicated Internet Connection Antenna allows for Long Range Wi-Fi Internet Connections
  • Instantly Share and Redistribute a Wi-Fi Internet Connection
  • Easy Setup: Install and Configure in less than 1 Minute
System Requirements:
  • Computer (Mac or PC) with 200MHz or faster processor with CD-Rom
  • Internet Web Browser (Internet Explorer 4.0 or better, Safari, Mozilla, etc.)
  • Compatible Broadband Internet Provider (Wi-Fi or Wired Internet connection)

Package Contents:

  • One HW2R1 smart repeater
  • One Power Adapter.
  • One User Manual.
  • One ethernet cable.
  • One Set up Wizard CD-ROM.
  • One HD9DP 9dBi Indoor Directional Antenna.