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HWREN2-RB Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Range Extender Pro [HWREN2-RB]


HWREN2-RB Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Range Extender Pro

Manufacturer Refurbished

HWREN2 Hi-Gain Wireless Range Extender Pro

Built with power amplifier to eliminates wireless dead spots for long range applications and strengthen unstable connections for digital streaming!

Hi-Gainâ„¢ Wireless-300N Range Extender Pro repeats wireless signals from any access point or router with a 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n network. Power output of up to 500mW and network speeds of up to 300mbps, the HWREN2 Pro, not only doubles your Wi-Fi network coverage, but its performance is three times stronger than any standard wireless repeater or extender on the market. It eliminates wireless deadspots and strengthens unstable connections for long range applications. With additional features like upgradable antennas, high power amplification, and hassle-free installation, the HWREN2 Wireless Range Extender is an ideal solution to upgrade and improve your wireless experience.

Along with wireless connectivity, the HWREN2 has 5 wired 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports for connecting your computers that do not have wireless access. It also offers the latest wireless security features, ensuring that your files and network are safe from outside intruders. The external removable antennas allow quick and easy upgrades for more range demanding environments.



A common problem with standard wireless routers is that the quality of most standard wireless networks diminishes significantly past a coverage radius of 200 feet. Anywhere outside the coverage zone will have slow and unstable connections, or even as major as no connection at all. The HWREN2 Pro is designed to pick up an existing wireless signal from an access point or router, then repeat it, doubling the existing wireless coverage. The Built-in Range Amplifier Technology boosts the power strength and filters out the unwanted Wi-Fi interference. As a result, it provides a stronger and more solid wireless connection to improve overall performance, such as improving the data transfer speed and reducing lag while streaming or downloading multimedia content (video, music, etc.).



The HWREN2 Range Extender Pro combines a built-in Power Amplifier with removable external antennas to upgrade your overall wireless experience. The HWREN2 not only doubles the size of your Wi-Fi network, but also boosts performance up to three times stronger than the leading wireless repeaters/extenders on the market. The Amplifier boosts the power output up to 500mW and filters out Wi-Fi interference to maximize your wireless performance. As a result, theHWREN2 Range Extender Pro doubles the wireless coverage radius and delivers unsurpassable signals to your Wi-Fi enabled devices.



Seamless Roaming is a unique feature that mirrors existing network settings for ultimate mobility with all your Wi-Fi devices. It allows your WiFi devices to connect and roam freely. Place the HWREN2 within your existing network to expand the wireless coverage throughout your home and office. Eliminate slow network connections due to poor wireless coverage.



The HWREN2 is designed with two removable antennas for ultimate range upgrade. Now, you can extend your blazing fast wireless network even further with the easy antenna upgrade option. Extend your Wi-Fi signal to your guest home, RV, Boat, and more.



The 5 LAN Ports provide an alternative options for your wired devices (i.e. printers, desktops, gaming consoles, Internet TV and multimedia players.)



The HWREN2 is quick and easy to install using a Wi-Fi enabled device (i.e. tablet, smartphone, Mac or Windows computer). Hassle-free means, there is no Ethernet cable or CD required for the installation. Simply power up the unit, use a Wi-Fi enabled device, and log into the set up page. This installation feature lets you configure and set up the HWREN2 within minutes.