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HW7ACW-RB Wireless-AC Multifunction AP/Bridge/Ext [HW7ACW-RB]

$39.94 $18.94

HW7ACW-RB Wireless-AC Multifunction AP/Bridge/Ext

Manfacturer Refurbished

HW7ACW Hawking Wireless AC Wall Plug MultiFunction Extender
Increase your Wireless Range up to 200% and improve the overall wireless connection!

The HW7ACW Wireless AC Wall Plug Range Extender allows you to repeat and rebroadcast 2.4GHz & 5.0GHz wireless 802.11b/g/n/a/ac signals from any wireless access point or wireless router. This WiFi Range Extender allows you double your existing WiFi signals, even at Wireless AC speeds!

Most standard wireless routers have a maximum range of about 200 feet. Its connection quality and speed diminish. This causes slow and unstable connections, or even no wireless connection at all.

The Hawking HW7ACW Wireless AC Wall Plug Range Extender doubles the coverage of your high performance wireless network. It extends your coverage and stabilizes your wireless connection for slightly out of reach’s devices and has 5.0GHz speed compatibility. As a result, the HW7ACW improves your wireless data connection and reduces lag for better online gaming and video streaming experience.

Three Easy and Selectable Wireless Modes

The HW7ACW Multi-Function Wireless AC Range Extender is designed with three powerful wireless operating modes: Range Extender, Access Point, and Bridge.

Exterior mode switch provides enhanced flexibility when setting up your device and allows you to quickly customize the device according to your environment needs.

Sleek Form Factor with Built-in Wall-Plug

The HW7ACW Multi-Function Range Extender’s slim design provides a sleek alternative to bulky networking devices that clutter your space with multiple wires and plugs without loosing your wireless signal quality. Just plug it into a standard power outlet!

Front facing Wi-Fi locator LED light provides maximum visibility for setup and evaluates the Wi-Fi strength of that location.

The external quick setup button or WPS button allows users to instantly activate the HW7ACW for secure setup.

With the HW7ACW’s available Ethernet port, your wired devices can be converted into wireless ones easily. Just use a standard ethernet cable and plug your device directly into the HW7ACW, a perfect alternative for your XBox, Playstation, older gaming consoles, printers, desktops, TVs, etc.

A common problem with high performance wireless networks is lack of coverage. Devices connect from anywhere outside the coverage area will result in slow and unstable connection, or even no wireless connection at all.
The WiFi Range Extender doubles the wireless coverage of your high performance wireless network. It reduces your wireless deadspots, provides extended coverage for outer devices.
In addition, it stabilized your wireless connection for the slightly out of reach devices, such as improving the data transfer speed and reducing lag while streaming or downloading multimedia content (video, music, etc.).


Seamless Roaming is a unique feature that mirrors existing network settings for ultimate mobility with all your WiFi devices. It allows your WiFi devices to connect and roam freely. Place the HW7ACW Wireless AC Range Extender within your existing network to expand the wireless coverage throughout your home and office. Eliminate slow network connections due to poor wireless coverage.


The HW7ACW Wireless AC Range Extender is quick and easy to install using a WiFi enabled device (i.e. tablet, smartphone, Mac or Windows computer). Hassle-free means, there is no Ethernet cable or CD required for the installation. Simply power up the unit, use a WiFi enabled device, and log into the set up page. This installation feature lets you configure and set up the HW7ACW within minutes.

  • Sleek and compact design with integrated AC adapter
  • Three different modes: Access Point, WiFi Range Extender (Repeater), and Bridge (Client)
  • Hassle-free install using a tablet, smartphone, Mac or Windows computer – no driver or CD is required

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