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HPOW5CM-RB High Power Outdoor Wireless Access Point with AP Cont [HPOW5CM-RB]

$129.99 $84.94

HPOW5CM-RB High Power Outdoor Wireless Access Point with AP Cont

Manufacturer Refurbished

High Power Long Range Outdoor WiFi Access Point
Hawking Technology’s HPOW5CM AP Controller Long Range Outdoor Wireless Access Point puts multiple solutions into one weather proof outdoor unit. The High Power AP Controller Outdoor Wireless Access Point functions as an Outdoor AP Controller, Access Point, Ethernet Bridge, Universal Repeater, Router and WISP Router. Additionally, two internal 5dBi Omni-Directional antennas are built into the unit to provide 360° network coverage. It features a Power over Ethernet connection and includes wall and pole mounting kits for easy installation and setup.

AP Controller
One HPOW5CM in AP Controller Mode can control multiple HPOW5CMs on the same network. The HPOW5CM in AP controller mode can set IPs, configure wireless settings, monitor wireless status, upgrade firmware and remote control multiple HPOW5CMs in Access Point mode.

Outdoor Wireless-N Access Point
Create a wireless network in an outdoor or indoor location by setting the HPOW5CM in Access Point mode. In Access Point mode, the HPOW5CM enables wireless access to any existing wired networking thus perfect for Long Range WiFi situations.

Outdoor Wireless-N Bridge Mode:
Enable any wired Ethernet-ready device or existing wired network to connect to your existing wireless network using the HPOW5CM. Wirelessly connect the network of your remote office building to your main office building easily by setting the HPOW5CM in Bridge Mode.

Outdoor Wireless-N Universal Repeater Mode
Repeat the wireless signal from your existing network and extend the total wireless range of your network to an outdoor location. Setting up the HPOW5CM in Universal Repeater mode allows you to extend the range from an indoor or outdoor Wi-Fi network to your desired new location.

Outdoor Wireless-N Router/WISP Mode
In router mode, the HPOW5CM can function as a standard wireless router. Connect your modem and get online. In Wireless ISP (WISP) mode, the HPOW5CM can connect to remote hotspots and function as a wireless router.

Power over Ethernet Supported
The HPOW5CM uses PoE. This feature provides flexibility in mounting conditions, allowing you to install in many different places with the included mounting kits. A PoE injector is included.