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HPOW5 High Power Outdoor Wi-Fi Omnidirectional AP/Bridge/Ext [HPOW5]


HPOW5 High Power Outdoor Wi-Fi Omnidirectional AP/Bridge/Ext

360° of High Power, Outdoor WIFI Coverage!
High Power Outdoor WiFi Access Point/Bridge/Repeater

Hawking Technology’s HPOW5 puts multiple solutions into one weather proof outdoor unit. The High Power Outdoor WiFi Access Point / Bridge / Wireless Repeater functions as an Outdoor Wireless Access Point, Outdoor Universal Wireless Repeater, Outdoor Ethernet Bridge, Outdoor Smart Repeater (WISP) and more. Additionally, two 5dBi Omni-Directional antennas are built into the unit to provide 360° network coverage. It features a PoE (Power over Ethernet) connection and includes wall and pole mounting kits for easy installation and setup.

Outdoor WISP (Outdoor Smart Repeater) Mode

Outdoor Wireless Internet Service Provider (WiFi Smart Repeater) mode lets you connect to any free hotspot/remote WiFi signal and rebroadcast the signal at your location with full firewalls and router capability. Enjoy a private network and security when accessing free hotspots.

Outdoor Wireless Access Point Mode:
Create wireless network in an outdoor or indoor location by setting the HPOW5 in Access Point mode. In Access Point mode, the HPOW5 enables wireless access to any existing wired networking

Outdoor Wireless Bridge Mode:
Enable any wired Ethernet-ready device or existing wired network to connect to your existing wired network using the HPOW5. Wirelessly connect the network of your remote office building to your main building easily by setting the HPOW5 in Bridge Mode.

Outdoor Wireless Universal Repeater Mode:
Repeat the wireless signal from your existing network and extend the total wireless range of your network to an outdoor location. Setting up the HPOW5 in Wireless Repeater mode allows you to extend the range from an indoor or outdoor WiFi network to your desired new location.

For more modes, refer to the manual

Easy Installation with Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
By combining your power and data connections into a single cable, PoE simplifies the setup of the High Power Outdoor WiFi Access Point/Bridge. The included Power over Ethernet DC Injector provides power and network access (through your home or business router or network connection) and combines them into a single RJ-45 connection for the HPOW5. This allows you to install the HPOW5 outdoors in hard to reach locations without worrying about running both power and Ethernet cables.

Mounting Options
The HPOW5 is complete with both Pole and Mounting Hardware.
For Wall Mounting, locate the included bracket inside the packaging. Use the included hardware to mount the bracket to the wall. Once your bracket is secure, click the HPOW5 into place via the rear pole mount extension.

For Pole Mounting, use the included hardware and thread the mounting tie straps through the rear HPOW5 extension and around your pole. Thread the end through the lock head and secure at your preferred height.

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