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HOANT2-RB 2x Outdoor Wireless 5dBi Dual Band Antenna Upgrade [HOANT2-RB]

$39.99 $14.94

HOANT2-RB 2x Outdoor Wireless 5dBi Dual Band Antenna Upgrade

Manufacturer Refurbished

Long Range Wireless Coverage, Increase the Strength of AC Wi-Fi Devices up to 200%

The HOANT2 5dBi Dual Band Outdoor Wireless AC Antenna is a heavy-duty, weather proof antenna for extending the range of your 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi devices. The HOANT2 Outdoor WiFi AC Antenna increases the wireless strength from a standard 2dBi (decibels) to a 5dBi, resulting in a 200% increase in the wireless coverage and strength. The HOANT2 5dBi Dual Band Outdoor Wireless AC Antenna supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz and supports all standards, including the latest Wireless-AC.

Concurrent Wireless-AC Frequencies, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, offers Ultimate Flexibility and Maximum Performance

The most commonly used wireless bandwidth is 2.4GHz. It is one of the older standards and provides good Wi-Fi range and wall/obstruction penetration. However, neighbors, roommates, Wi-Fi hot spots, etc. all use this same frequency which can cause interference and major slowdowns. It has limited bandwidth for simultaneous activities, so multiple users on the same network sending emails, video chatting, streaming movie, gaming, etc. can grind internet speeds to a halt. In addition, the same 2.4GHz frequency is shared between different devices (i.e. common household devices like microwaves and cordless phones), causing more interference. Wireless-AC technology addresses this problem. It provides much faster speeds, providing more bandwidth so more things can be done quicker. Wireless-AC also uses the 5GHz frequency, which means separate channels from 2.4GHz users, thus avoiding the congestion. However, 5GHz does have a drawback of less range and not being able to penetrate walls and obstructions as compared to 2.4GHz.

Hawking concurrent Wireless-AC products provide maximum flexibility for Wi-Fi networks. Wireless-AC devices can connect to the popular 2.4GHz frequency for compatibility and range and also simultaneously off-load traffic to a faster, less-crowded 5GHz AC frequency for speed. The users can simply pick the network of choice. The HOANT2 5dBi Dual Band Outdoor WiFi AC Antenna strengthens and extends the Wireless-AC signal for long range, high traffic wireless networks.

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