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HAO14MD-RB Hi-Gain Outdoor MiMo Directional 14dBi Antenna Kit [HAO14MD-RB]

$64.94 $58.45

HAO14MD-RB Hi-Gain Outdoor MiMo Directional 14dBi Antenna Kit

HAO14MD Hi-Gain Outdoor 14dBi MIMO Directional Antenna Kit

Long Range Wireless Coverage, Increase the Strength of Wi-Fi Devices up to 500%*

The HAO14MD Hi-Gain™ Outdoor 14dBi MIMO Directional Antenna Kit is an antenna for extending the range of your 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi devices. The HAO14MD increases the wireless strength from a standard 2dBi (decibels) to a staggering 14dBi, resulting in a 500% increase in the wireless coverage and strength.


The HAO14MD Outdoor Wireless Directional Antenna uses smart antenna technology called MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output). Wireless-N uses MIMO technology to send signals along multiple pathways to ensure a strong user connection and the fastest data throughput possible. The HAO14MD Outdoor Wireless Directional Antenna has two high power directional antennas built into one enclosure. Most directional antennas on the market are 1T1R (one antenna transmitting and receiving) but the HAO14MD is 2T2R (two transmitting/two receiving), giving you up to 300Mbps throughput. Built-in polarization variation also guarantees that the two transmitting and two receiving signals do not interfere with each other. With smart antenna technology, the HAO14MD Outdoor Wireless Directional Antenna is an ideal component for large area networks


Simply replace your device antenna with the HAO14MD. The HAO14MD Outdoor WiFi Directional Antenna has two SMA adapters, the most commonly used antenna connector. For other type of adapters, please visit Hawking Tech’s website for additional selections. Note: An outdoor low loss antenna cable (model number HAC10NHAC20N, or HAC30N) is required for outdoor installation and must be purchased separately. Depending on your set up, a shorter cable is recommended for minimal signal degradation (cable loss) due to cable length.

Once you have connected your Outdoor WiFi Directional Antenna, be sure to note the signal pattern of the antenna. While you will experience superior range and quality with your HAO14MD, you must be in range of the antenna’s signal. As indicated by the diagram at the right,
the directional antenna does not give off signal directly below or directly behind the product. You will receive optimal wireless signal by placing your wi-fi enabled device within the designated area. Adjust the antenna as needed.
(Note: Your wireless coverage may vary depending on the receiving power of your wireless adapter.)