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Hi-Gain 9dBi Omni-Antenna HAO9SIP with 10ft. HAC10N & HONRA [HAO9SIAC10NR]


Hi-Gain 9dBi Omni-Antenna HAO9SIP with 10ft. HAC10N & HONRA

Hi-Gain Outdoor 9dBi Omni-Dirctional Antenna (HAO9SIP) + 10 ft. Outdoor Cable (HAC10N) with HONRA adapter. This combo kit is design for Outdoor Access Point HOWABN1. HAO9SIP Hi-Gain 9dBi Outdoor Omni-Directional Wireless Antenna Kit. The Outdoor Antenna Kits provide wireless users with a high powered solution to extend their wireless network, whether extending the wireless network from one corporate building to another, or simply from the front house to the back house. It emits a powerful amplified signal over a 360 degree radius, delivering a strong multi- direction signal from an Access Point or a Bridge. If you have multiple locations or buildings where you would like to integrate your wireless network, simply place the H-AO9SIP in between the buildings with your Acess Point. It is most effective when placed at the top of buildings or in the center of large rooms. The H-AO9SIP also comes with a mounting kit, connectors, and a surge protector. HAC10N Hi-Gain 10-ft Heavy Duty Outdoor Antenna Extension Cable The Hawking Technology Heavy Duty Outdoor Extension Cable is made with the highest quality material to provide unrivaled reliability and performance. Antenna cables are subject to signal degradation due to the length of the cable. The longer the cable is the greater the signal loss. This results in a loss in overall performance from the antenna. Hawking Technology ensures the lowest possible cable signal loss by using high grade cable material and advanced designs. The HAC10N and HAC30N both utilize, HDF400 cable material which results in a 0.26 dB per meter cable loss (one of the lowest in the industry). Your final result is the desired and expected performance from your antenna. The HAC10N is completely weatherproof and able to withstand the harshest conditions. HONRA Adapter is a connector to hook up HOWABN1 to the antenna cable.

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