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Hi-Gain 14dBi HAO14SDP Outdoor Directional Antenna + HAC30N 30ft [HAO14S/HAC30]


Hi-Gain 14dBi HAO14SDP Outdoor Directional Antenna + HAC30N 30ft

HAO14SDP Hi-Gain Outdoor/Indoor Directional Antenna Kit + HAC30N 30ft. Hi-Gain Outdoor Antenna Cable.

The HAO14SDP Hi-Gain 14dBi Outdoor Directional Antenna Kit is a heavy duty, weather proof, high powered antenna for extending the range of your existing wireless 802.11 b or 802.11g WiFi devices. Whether your application requires extending a wireless signal from on building to another or simply from one end of the house to another end, the Hi-Gain 149dBi is the perfect solution. The power rating of WiFi antennas is measured in terms of decibels (dBi). The HAO14SDP boots the antenna power of standard antennas from a minimal 2dBi to a staggering 14dBi. The Hi-Gain Directional technology concentrates your wireless signal directly towards the wireless source from your network. This results in a significantly increased in wireless distance. When paired with another Hi-Gain 9dBi antenna, you may extend your distance by up to 1.5 miles*

The Hawking HAC30N Heavy Duty Outdoor Extension Cable is made with the highest quality material to provide unrivaled reliability and performance. Antenna cables are subject to signal degradation due to the length of the cable. The longer the cable is the greater the signal loss. This results in a loss in overall performance from the antenna. Hawking Technology ensures the lowest possible cable signal loss by using high grade cable material and advanced designs. The HAC30N utilizes RG213/U cable material which results in lower cable loss per meter. Your final result is the desired and expected performance from your antenna. The HAC30N is completely weatherproof and able to withstand the harshest conditions.

*The distance may vary in different operating environment

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